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Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Just Another Manga Monday: Ouran High School Host Club 18 by Bisco Hatori

I'm sad to say it is finally time to say good bye to our favorite cross-dressing heroine, Haruhi Fujioka. After 18 volumes, Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori is finally coming to an end. Since I have already reviewed the series, I am not going to go into any series detail, but I will say that this series got the ending it deserved and, more importantly, it made sense.

I find that often with manga and anime, I get through the whole series and get to the last installment only to wonder what happened. Sometimes it seems like an ending is just slapped together and it doesn't really resolve anything. In this case, everything was wrapped up nicely.

It was a very sweet ending. Throw in some madcap hijinks and it was a prefect conclusion to the series. Bisco also gave us a peek into the possible futures of all the characters which was fun.

If you haven't read Ouran High School Host Club yet and you like a series that is a bit on the crazy side, this might be the series for you. I highly recommend it.

Now to catch up on some of the other series.....

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