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Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Life as a Fairy Tale

Every little girl dreams of being a princess when she grows up, well , almost all little girls, and I was no exception. One year for Halloween, my mother made me a princess dress, complete with a conical hat. I'll have to see if I can dig up that picture and scan it. I had always hoped my life would be like living in a fairy tale. I just had no idea I would be the Cinder girl and not the beautiful princess at the ball.

So here is how my days have been going. I get up and go to work, working anywhere from 9 - 12 hours a day. Some evenings after work I have to go food shopping. Some nights after work I have to go to the gym. On those nights when I do not have to go food shopping or to the gym, I come home and start on chores, managing the household as it were. I find that when I finally do get home, I have to wash dishes, wash clothes, make lunches, take care of the garbage, gather the recycling, fold laundry, pay bills, take care of the cat, make sure hubby is fed and when I am done with any chores I have for the evening, then I can spend some time working out. After washing up and getting in pajamas, then, and only then, is it my time. My time used to start by 9pm, but lately, the past few weeks, my time has been starting around 11 or midnight. For my time, I have to balance between watching my movies (never happens anymore), reading, cleaning up my emails or working on my blog. You can figure out which I've been spending my time on and I'm not able to get all that much read lately.

So, yeah, my life is like a fairy tale...a Grimm's fairy tale.

I sit here hanging my head in shame, but I really have had so little time for me at all. The past few weeks have been exhausting. So, I apologize to everyone. I had not planned on taking a few weeks off and I certainly hope that will never happen again. I will be back to visiting my friends out there and I will try to respond to any comments posted during my madness.

I will try to illustrate for you. Last week, I actually had some computer time, so I was going to post, but I ended up going into my email. I was looking for a specific email, but my in box had gotten up to over 3,000 emails. I started mass deleting things. I mean, do I really need 5 e-newsletters on wine? No I don't. I don't even need one. I spent probably about three hours deleting emails, but there were a bunch I had to read before deleting. So after spending an evening on it, I still had over 2,000 emails in my in box and I never got to my blog. How do people do it?

Well, I have plenty of reviews to write, books to read, rants to make, shelves to stack, swoons to, well, swoon over and all the rest. So I guess I better get to it. Tonight, though, I just wanted to say 'Hi' and let you all know I'm still here.



  1. Hi! Glad to know you're still around! I'm still around too, though you wouldn't really know it as I've been shamefully neglectful of my blog. Life keeps getting in the way of my reading and blogging time. :(

    Hope you have more Me Time soon! And really hope you can find that old princess picture, as I bet you really rocked the conical hat!

    1. This month is pretty much following the July pattern. It's been really hard working on my blog or even just getting to email and stuff.

      So behind on everything. Weekends are when I have free time, but I've been busy most of the weekends, so there goes my me time.

      Meant to work on it today, but took a two hour nap instead.