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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

To Buy or not to Buy

To Buy or not to Buy

I haven’t been reading much at all. I have a book I read in the elevator at work and one for the bath, but I am generally too tired to read in the bath these days. I see all the books in my TBR pile which needs reorganizing and I want so much to dive in, but I just don’t know where to start.

What I have been doing is cleaning up my book wish list and eBook samples. When I first got my iPad, I added samples of all the books I had on my wishlist. When I started, I was over 500 samples. Now, I am down to close to 300. I was reading them randomly before, but now I am reading them oldest to newest so I can clean up my wishlist at the same time.

It’s been working out pretty well, but then I thought, I spend all this time reading them and it makes it difficult to post reviews of the books I am not actually reading. So I came up with a new post to do periodically. I call it “To Buy or not to Buy”. So, without further ado…

After the Kiss by Terra Elan McVoy
From Amazon:
Becca and her boyfriend, Alec, attend different schools, but they make things work—mainly by being inseparable after school and on weekends. So when Becca has to take a job at a coffee shop, she is more than a little bit insecure about what this will mean for their relationship.

Meanwhile, new-girl Camille meets a haiku-spouting boy who makes her genuinely laugh, even though she can see an all-too-familiar loneliness in him. The kiss they steal on the back deck at a party takes her by surprise and leaves her wanting more.

What Camille doesn't know is that this boy is Alec, Becca’s boyfriend. And Alec doesn't know that Becca’s best friend has captured The Kiss on her camera phone.

Becca and Camille have never met, but their lives will unravel and intertwine in surprising ways throughout this beautifully crafted verse novel about love, heartbreak, and trust.

My First Impression:
Well, to start, it is written in verse. It is an interesting storytelling technique, but not always easy to pull off.

It starts off with Camille’s impressions of the new town and school she is moving to. There are no capital letters in her prose. She seems jaded, been there done that. Basically she’s laying out how it is the same crap, different state and even her old friends back in Chicago have versions of themselves in Atlanta.

Becca writes in verse. It is pretty tedious reading the minute details of a day in high verse. She and her boyfriend Alec go to weekly parties that she doesn't seem to care for and he seems to be the epitome of a frat boy type.

The story doesn't seem to unfold too quickly and while verse can be effective, in this case, it just seems to muddy the story and make it difficult to read.

Not to buy.

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