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Monday, September 7, 2015

Its Just Another Manga Monday: Skip Beat! 34 by Yoshiki Nakamura

When last we left off……

Oh, who am I kidding? Volume 33 came out in September of 2014. I can’t remember the details of the last volume except that Ren and Kyoko are still acting as the Heel siblings. I realized just a few days ago that this story arc is going to take years to complete as there are only two volumes published per year. Years, people!!!!

Book Description (From Amazon):
The President of LME has called Kyoko in for a special meeting, and she is all set for Judgment Day. Especially when Ren shows up too! But to her complete shock, Lory doesn’t reveal that she has feelings for Ren. In fact, he’s giving “Setsuka” some time off so Kyoko can study for finals. It seems like her secret is safe from Ren, but there’s no hiding from her own feelings. How will she cope with a heart that’s slipped its bonds?!

My thoughts:
This series continues to be one of my absolute favorites. Yes, Ren is the tall, dark and handsome brooding tortured soul, but it is really Kyoko that gives life to this series and in this volume, she doesn’t disappoint.

Kyoko is torturing herself because the president of her talent agency now knows how she feels about Ren. Theirs is a lot of sobbing, but she also berates and insults herself when she realizes her true nature. She tells him that she has no intention of letting Ren know how she feels, the president drops the M bomb. He asks her if Ren gets married to someone else if she will be able to be happy for him and congratulate him. She says yes even as she realizes she is lying to the president and herself. She calls herself ugly because she hopes she may never have to worry about congratulating Ren on a marriage. It would make her happy if he never got involved with anyone, but then Ren would be miserable.

The president does tell her he will not tell Ren about her feelings, but he challenges her to make a decision as to whether she wants to keep repressing her feelings or to embrace them and let them grow.

Kyoko has an on location shoot in Guam for Tragic Marker, but she arrives a day early unbeknownst to her talent agency. She is in the unwilling company of Ms. Muse who arrived early to get Ren ready to be Cain Heel. Kyoko wants to stop by and say hello, but Ms. Muse tells misleads her into believing Ren is not checked into the hotel. Kyoko promises to stay in her room until Ms. Muse comes to get her for dinner, but she decides to go walk on the beach since she realized no one would recognize her.

What she finds may change her relationship with Ren forever.

Volume 35 is due out on September 1 and I just can’t wait to find out what is going to happen next!!!

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