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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Top 10 Tuesday List of my own

I have been somewhat frustrated with the lack of time I have to get on the computer lately and not just with my blog. In order to vent a little, I decided to do my own Top Ten list today of why I can't get anything done. Well, anything important, anyway. So here it is, in no specific order...

Top 10 Reasons I Can't Get Anything Done

1: Work - I am still working 15 hours OT every week and am now working both Saturday and Sunday which seriously cuts into my free time.
2: Time Management - I can't get up in the morning for work, so I've been leaving later which means I have to stay later at work. It's usually 7 by the time I get home.
3: Hockey - The hockey lock out is finally over, but it is a very condensed season of 48 games, so no team has more than a 2 day break between games. If the Penguins are being broadcast on TV, I'm going to be watching it.
4: Housework - I still have Christmas decorations up, for crying out loud. I had thought to sort through the Christmas decorations because I thought to sell some off, but that means I have to put them in categories. All the Peanuts have to be together, Pooh, Star Wars, etc. There is a lot to organize before I can make any decisions, but I just haven't had the time. I have a tree that is missing the very top and there are no decorations on it, but it is standing in the middle of the floor between the living room and library. I feel guilty spending time on my blog or reading when I have to get this stuff put away. And let's not even get started on actual cleaning.
5: Egg - Egg demands chin rubs and it has been so cold lately that as soon as I come home he yells at me until I sit down so he can jump in my lap and suck up all my body heat. I spend a lot of time on a daily basis catering to the whims of one furry little critter.
6: Mortal Instruments - Can't put the damn books down. I just started book 4, City of Angels. I keep the books with me where ever I go and read every chance I get. The questions have been driving me to keep reading until I get the answers I'm looking for. Thankfully, my biggest question was answered at the end of book 3, so perhaps I won't be quite so compelled and can actually post my reviews.
7: Weather - The weather has been playing havoc with my sinuses since it is fluctuating up and down, so I have been getting some sinus headaches. I usually take Bendryll. It does dry me out, but unfortunately, it also makes me lethargic if not downright sleepy.
8: Meals - I know it seems like a non-thing, but while I had intended to eat at home more, that pretty much hasn't happened a lot since Hurricane Sandy. We usually go out or sometimes order in. Since I'm not getting home until about 7pm as it is, by the time we go get something to eat and get home, it is already 9pm and I'm usually too tired to sit up typing.
9: Bath time - If I take a bath, which I infinitely prefer over a shower, and I take a book in with me, I'll be in there for hours. Well, a couple at least. Time just gets away from me and if the bath water is getting a little cold, I just let some of the tub water out and fill the tub up some more.
10: Hubby - Perhaps last, but certainly not least, I still have want to find time to spend with him.

Just as soon as I can get Christmas put away I will have more free time and can get down to writing my reviews which I really miss doing.  So my goal is to have Christmas down in time for Valentine's Day.  I think that's a realistic goal.

So any thoughts out there on how you all balance the demands of daily life and manage to post on a regular basis?  I'd be interested to hear how you do it.


  1. Egg timers! I haven't tried this yet, but have seen a few bloggers swear by them! They set the timer for one hour and once it goes off, they move on to the next activity. I keep meaning to try this, but haven't picked up a timer yet.

    Is there a way to cut back on the OT? Stinks that you have to work 7 days a week! :(

    Poor Egg just wants some love! He's a good kitty, so maybe you can give him chin rubs with one hand and type with the other?

    Otherwise, I guess you could get one of those Time Turners from Harry Potter? Good luck!

    1. I don't think you understand the chin rub. I rub Egg on the top of his head with my chin. This is a new thing for him for about the past few weeks. He has a red pillow he lays on, he crawls near my voice and then he head butts me letting me know he's ready for his rubs.
      He's such a weirdo.

  2. Great idea to make this list. I'm only surprised that with such a hectic schedule you find any time to do any blogging. I have the opposite problem in that having the health/mobility problems I do I seem to have nothing but time on my hands.

    1. I blog when I am supposed to be sleeping. I was once asked if I would be able to find things to do if I weren't working and the answer is, of course, yes I could. I was out of work on disability after spinal surgery about 4 years ago now and I was out of work for 3 months. It was blissful. But perhaps because I knew I had a finite amount of time to be home. Can't say for sure.
      Terri's idea of a time turner is not a bad one...if only they were real.