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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Breeders: A True Story

Breeders...It's a story about how two adorably cute infants turn deadly killer. Whether purposely or unwittingly carrying the virus, these two seemingly innocent children take down an entire dynasty across two continents. No one is safe. It is a story about biological warfare wrecking havoc on unsuspecting immune systems and I got caught in the crossfire.

Beware!!!  Look upon their faces and quake with fear!!!

The top 3 are Tai (6 mos) and the bottom 3 are Ayden (1 yr). 

So, yeah.  I've been under the weather for more than a week.  Finally feeling better now.  Both of my nephews were sick at Christmas and New Year, so they got me and their uncle sick, their grandparents and their parents.  I felt bad for my baby brother because he and my sister-in-law, Em, had to fly back to Germany with a sick baby and being sick themselves.  And they missed their connecting flight so had to hang out at the airport for extra hours.

Sorry I was not around, but I was in bed a lot.  I worked from home for the week and am ashamed (not really) to say that I didn't get out of my pajamas since last Sunday afternoon until this morning when I finally had to drive back into the office.  I just don't understand why pajamas are not considered appropriate for work.  Everything's covered up.  Maybe for Casual Friday?

Anyway, I missed my fav post, Swoon Thursday, but only because I thought Thursday was Wednesday.  It was Friday by the time I realized it.  I was heavily sedated.  Benadryll.  Say no more.  I do have a swoon or two lined up for this week, though.  I missed my Stacking the Shelves, so I will post last week's goodies this coming weekend.  And I missed It's Just Another Manga Monday, but that's not so bad as I didn't have anything ready to go.  Got to start catching up on the manga.

While in my sick bed, I reread the last half of Illusons by Aprilynne Pike.  Destined, the finale, came out in 2012 which was one of my top 5 must reads.  I needed to refresh myself, though, hence the reread.  I will not be reviewing Illusions, however, I also didn't start Destined because I picked up Book Two, City of Ashes, in the Mortal Instruments series.

OMG!!!  Started a little slow, but now I can't put it down.

I got one phrase for you...

"Ask your father, when next you see him, what blood runs in your veins, Jonathan."

I must know!!!  (Please don't tell.)  Now I'm dreaming about the book as well, course it could be the delirium set on by overdosing on Nyquil, but I think not.

GTGFN.  Jace's calling me.


  1. Babies are evil!!! Those cute little faces will fool you every time! Biological warfare is right, as I'm pretty sure baby drool is toxic... just saying.

    Sorry to hear that you've been under the weather. And totally agree that pajamas should be acceptable work attire! Half the time, they cover more than regular clothes!

    Get well soon!

    1. It's been pretty bad on the germ warfare front. Now Cam's gotten whatever I had and I'm still trying to get over it myself.
      It's the cuteness factor that is deceptive. You look at these little tykes and figure what harm can they do, but they are ticking time bombs! Still, I love them to tears.
      I have managed to get out of the hosue a bit. I actually had to drive to the office this past week, so I have been instreet clothes. I would so rather be in jammies, though. That way, you can't really tell how much weight you've gained.

  2. How can such cuties spread such misery? Hoping you are soon fully recovered.

    1. Aren't they adorable?
      It is hard to imagine how two such innocent looking tykes could infect so many people, but it's a smoke screen.
      I am feeling much better, but am now trying to get back into my normal routine.
      Thank you for the well wishes and for s topping by! It's always a pleasure!