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Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallow's Read - Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!

At BEA this year, I learned of Neil Gaiman's Halloween reading promotion called All Hallow's Read. The idea is to give a scary book for Halloween.

Here is the link to the webpage.  You can watch Neil Gaiman talk about it.:

I have decided to make this a tradition and gave hubby a CD of Harlan Ellison. It's called On the Road With Ellison Vol 6. These are live recordings of him, well, on the road.

I also received a book today. Sweet Cherry on GoodReads sent me a note telling me that a book I had on my To Read shelf is available today on Amazon at $0.00 charge!!! So now I also share the link with you.

The Morrow Secrets (Tallitha Mouldson #1) by

It is a story of the heroine’s fight against the evil forces that have shaped the past and still surround her present. Tallitha is determined to unearth the family secret and so begins her breath-taking adventure, exploring the forbidden floors of the bizarre old house and discovering a number of intriguing clues which lead her ever further into the heart of the mystery. During her quest, Tallitha discovers she has inherited strange paranormal powers, passed down the female line of the Morrow clan. With the help of her eccentric cousin Esmerelda, Tallitha escapes the clutches of her suffocating family and makes her way across the dangerous terrain of Wycham Elva into the wilderness and the dark world of Breedoor. Accompanied by her brother and cousins she learns more about the mysterious past of the Morrow family, she forges new allegiances, endures terrifying challenges and encounters the strange creatures of the underground kingdom. Eventually she reaches the haunting castle of Hellstone Tors and the awesome truth about her family is laid bare........

I did buy some candy, but probably not nearly enough for the no kids we get every year. I like to be prepared...and hopeful. I'd hate to have a rush and no candy to hand out. Tonight, we are going to a Halloween Costume Contest at my favorite Tavern, The Cloverleaf, and hubby is going to see if his satyr costume is good enough to win an iPad.

However you plan to spend your Halloween, make the most of it and enjoy the day!

So give a scary book and get the word out!!!

Happy Screams!!!!!!!!!!