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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Two for Tuesday

This was a first.    I have never seen a shelf organized by cover art before.

And while I did have to move the books down a shelf to try to reduce the glare coming in through the window, this is exactly how I found them shelved.

Which cover would you pick?


  1. That's odd. Especially because they're not really near each other on the shelf, so wonder why they did that? I like the one on the left better because it's more subtle, but I'd probably read the one on the right because I like Cynthia Eden. Which one do you like better?

    1. It was in the section where they face out new books. not shelved with the older titles alphabetically by author.
      The green one on the left is the one I had on my wish list as it 's got harp in the title.
      It kind of reminded me of Siobhan and her color coordinated end caps.

    2. Oh yes, those infamous color-colored endcap displays. Who cares what the book is about so long as it matches! Where else are you going to find a history book next to a romance next to a biography on the same display? Silly woman!