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Saturday, March 15, 2014

You know what irks me?.....A rant on prose

So, I have been reading the synopsis on quite a lot of books lately. Before I enter a giveaway, I read the plot and certainly before I add a book to my wish lists or consider buying, I need to know what the book is about.

I have realized that I have two pet peeves when it comes to prose, well, perhaps more, but there are two currently that have come to the fore. The words are tired and become an immediate turn-off for me depending how they are used. The words are 'beloved' and 'for'.

Beloved is just overused. I have no issue with a person being beloved by many, but I have seen it so often that I just can't take it anymore. All I read of late is her beloved pet, her beloved book, her beloved necklace, her beloved comb, her beloved candy bar, her beloved pocket lint. I don't usually see the word used in such a way with a male character. I don't know whether it is being used to make the character seem sympathetic, sentimental or for some other reason, but there must be other ways to convey the meaning rather using 'beloved'. I am just so sick of it. So yeah. I see that in a book blurb and I put the book right back down again.

Now 'for' as a word in and of itself is not offensive, but hear me out. The problem I have with for is this as an example. For she is the one foretold blah blah blah.

I just tried to read a sample of a book that is one of Amazon's current Kindle Countdown Deals. I got through three pages and had to stop. In those first few pages, I found the following phrases with 'for'.

, for he was just another customer....
, for he knew she wouldn't be...
, for his master was......

That is only three pages and the first two instances were in the same paragraph!!!

It may seem as if I am being a little harsh and a bit judgemental, but to me these indicate a sophomoric writing style that I generally find lacking and unimaginative.

Now that I've had my say, I think I'll go kick a puppy....
               (I won't really go kick a puppy, for I love furry little critters.)


  1. For she was so irked that she kicked a puppy!
    So observed her beloved friend.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist! :p

    But in all seriousness, you're right. I think it just shows a lack of originality and talent when they have to rely on certain shortcuts. One of my pet peeves is when every book is compared to a current popular title, whether they're really alike or not. Remember when every YA book out there was compared to Twilight? Not a good recommendation imo, but it was a trend for awhile.

    Now stop kicking puppies and go take a relaxing bubble bath! :)

  2. Funny the things that annoy us. Seemingly trivial to other people they can be a huge turn off and once identified as something that annoys you they seem to crop up everywhere and I should now as the phrase 'Brought to you by .....' is really irritating to me and seems to be increasingly used.

    1. That's funny! I am a hockey fan and I have noticed that the Power Plays are "brought to you by..." And I wondering when did player penalties start being sponsored?
      But yeah. Once an irritant is identified, it seems that it crops up thus compounding the annoyance exponentially.