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Saturday, January 31, 2015

I'm a Card Carrying Member

So, I have been in my house for almost four years now. Not that that is overly significant, it's just a point of reference. Prior to buying my first home during my mid-life years, since 1984, I have lived in 8 different abodes, including the current house. I have moved around a lot. I did as a child, too, with my dad in the army. I think the idea of staying put in one place always kind of freaked me out. I never really learned how to settle down.

I have always been a workaholic as well and with a two hour commute at times and working more than 40 hours for much of my adult working life, it has made things difficult at times, as far as doing simple mundane things. There's always chores to do, errands to do, reading time to try to get in and cuddle time with the cat. He makes it difficult to get anything done.

Why am I telling you this? I'm painting a picture.

I have, for the first time since I moved away from home, found the local library and have actually registered and gotten myself a library card!!!!

That's HUGE for me!!! It only took almost four years. But since we won't be moving out of the house any time soon, I thought it was a good time to take that step.

It is, however, only the first step. I have one fatal flaw that might render my library card useless. I have a tendency that when I get a book in my hand I need to own it. I did the same thing when I worked at the book store. We had lending privileges. Oh, I would borrow books, sure. But then I'd have to turn right around and buy them anyway. It kind of defeats the purpose of reading for free.

I have yet to step into the library for browsing purposes. For the winter, they are open evenings and weekends. What had stopped my from getting my card for so long was that I looked up their hours and saw they closed at 5 and were closed on the weekends. How the heck would I ever get there? I kept planning to go on vacation, but never got around to it. I only recently found out that the hours I looked up were summer hours. So, I got my card now. Oh yeah.

Now I just have to make sure I give it a workout.


  1. Congratulations! I loved my NJ library, but have yet to get a card for my new town. Strange that they have limited summer hours, as what about people that work? You're going to have to resist the urge to buy and just limit yourself to borrowing books. Trust me, it's fun!

    1. We'll see about that. It may have to wait until the weather is warmer. I really hate getting out of my jimjams on these cold days. I shoveled four times this week and we're getting hit again tonight. It's going to be one rough, cold winter.