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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Two for Two for Tuesday

It's another double bag of double stuff! Or do I just have double vision? This installment of Two for Tuesday features the boys in the band.

First up, it's our badass poster boy!!  Our second fight of the night is a newcomer, emo piano man!

Devoured by Emily Snow


First Chance (Rock Romance #1) by A.L. Wood

The Dreamer of Downing Street by Roberta L. Smith                                     VS                    Without You by Julie Prestsater

That's two, two, two book covers in one!  Never ceases to amazes.   


  1. Really enjoying this feature too! Amazing how no one checks to make sure they aren't using someone else's cover. But at least it's better than some of the horrendous artwork I've seen lately on self-pubbed titles! Yikes!

    1. I know those covers you're talking about. It's funny, because on GoodReads when I'm browsing the giveaways, I just scroll over all those covers.

      I think what this really says about me, though, is that I spend far too much time trolling Amazon for new books and that I have a pretty good memory for covers.