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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

BEA Prep - Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It is now 9:30. I have been on my computer for at least 8 hours, probably more trying to get myself together for BEA. I realize tomorrow is the Blogger Con, but BEA overlaps. I believe the floor opens at 1pm tomorrow for BEA while the Blogger Con is the entire day. I believe this will cause some lower attendance in the afternoon sessions as everyone is going to want to hit the floor for all those ARCs. At Blogger Con, we actually get a good number of ARCs, but they are always held and given out at the cocktail hour which I think is around 3:30 or 4. I need to check my schedule.

I'm conflicted. Checking the autographing tomorrow, there is only one I really want to pick up and that one is at 3pm. I'm not sure I will make it. I have to see how the schedule works out for Blogger Con.

So what have I been doing all day? I've been finalizing the publishers so I know where I'm going. I've been finalizing the galley drop titles trying to match them up with booth numbers. I've been making a list of all the books to look for and the autographing schedule for each. I then took those book titles and plugged them all into an event grid so I can see exactly how long the signing is for, where it's at and what it conflicts with. The name of the game is need and sacrifice. Which titles do I want most and which titles need to be dropped off the list.

That is as far as I got. I got all my spreadsheets together and printed them as well as my electronic badge for tomorrow.

I still have to take all those spreadsheets and put them into a binder for carrying ease. I also have to make a list of the things I need to bring with me for BEA Thursday and Friday, like water and an umbrella, aspiring and gum, etc. I have been told it is going to be raining or thunderstorms all week long, so that is just perfect. I need singles for my baggage check and for any signed books I get.

I also still need to get to the store for some foodstuffs and I need to get to the clothing store. It is going to be hot and I have exactly one pair of shorts that fit me. My other pair crapped out and ripped in a straight line down from the pocket. The problem with my one pair of shorts is that they are white and they are not going to remain white if I have to wear them more than once. We all spend a lot of time sitting on the floor.

I still have to get my schedule together for Book Con. They do have an autographing schedule for Book Con, but I am going to warn anyone who is reading this and going to Book Con. I checked the schedule and almost all the autographings I am interested in require a book purchase from the Con bookstore and space is limited for the signings. I'm not really happy about that, so I think I will be attending very few signings over the weekend, but we'll see.

I went to the ATM today, so I am good with that. Continental breakfast starts at 8am tomorrow, so I have to make sure I get my butt out of bed and don't go back to sleep.

Am I forgetting anything? I will make sure both my iPad and phone are charged. And I will grab a couple of the larger totes. I won't be taking more than that as the vendors practically run you down trying to give out tote bags.

BEA won't start in earnest for me until Thursday, so please, if anyone out there can think of anything I missed, please leave a comment. I feel like I have been very late in getting myself together that I am sure I am forgetting some things. I feel like I was so much more prepared last year, but fingers crossed!

Stay tuned for news from the front lines.....


  1. So excited that you're able to go to BEA! Jealous that I can't be with you, but excited that I get to live vicariously through you. Don't forget your camera! And don't forget to take lots and lots of pictures!

    I heard that there won't be any plastic covers or lanyards for your badge this year, so you might want to dig out last years.

    Do you have your suitcase ready? Snacks? Water bottle? So sad I can't be there with you, so be sure to TAKE YOUR CAMERA!

    1. The badges are actually something I meant to mention today, so I will have to talk about it tomorrow. They're huge and they's stiff paper. There is no sleeve they sit in, so mine was getting all kinds of mashed up today. They have lanyards, but they have a clip on both sides are there are two holes in the new badges.