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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Internal Ramblings - The Modern Cinderella Story

So I went to a teen pop band concert with my niece, Brianna and sister-in-law, Shannon. Brianna is totally obsessed with R5 and has been for some time. I must confess, I really like them, too. Don't judge.

It was kind of a weird experience. First off, I didn't go to my first concert until I was 15. I went to a show at Monmouth College with my best friend to see Loggins & Messina. Who you ask? No one of consequence anymore, but I really dug them. Brianna has seen R5 four times now and she's only 12. She's been to other shows too. Some of the stuff she listens to is just way too pop-y for me, but R5 is a talented bunch of musicians, singers and songwriters.

We were in general admission seating real close to the fence that separated us from the upper crust. Standing in front of us was about four rows of teen, tween and younger girls. I guess they are all cute, four guys and one girl, which really helps them sell records. All I can tell you is the squee factor was at an all-time high. Not only was there lots of screaming at an inaudible pitch, the girls were also screaming things like "Ryker, I love you", "take off your shirt" and my favorite "I want to have your babies".

Brianna met a friend around her age and luckily, the screaming teens were compassionate people at least and shoved the two of the up against the fence so they could see. I was not quite so fortunate. I am short and could only see parts of the stage in between heads and such.

But all the screaming and histrionics really got me thinking. First thought? Do you idiot girls really think the band can a) hear you and what you're saying?, b) see you beyond the stage lights that are shining in their faces, and c) are going to notice you, drop their incredibly hot beach babe girlfriend to date you? I think no to all these questions, but yet the continued to scream.

That brought to mind one of the current popular genres in teen romance, the Rock 'N' Roll bad boy (or insert movie star) and the local girl. I was wondering why it is such a popular genre. And that's when I realized, that it's a fairytale. Swap handsome prince, with hot rock star/movie star and voila! All these girls were dressed for the ball, but rather than a ball gown, they were decked out in super short cutoff jean shorts, tank tops and flip flops or converse. A lot of converse. The princes didn't arrive on a white horse, but rather a golf cart. Instead of a sword to slay the dragon, they laid down the fat tracks which were as sharp as a knife.

But I guess that's why I like these types of stories so much. I just finished Catch a Falling Star by Kim Culbertson which was about a local girl and a movie star recently released from rehab. They are all so formulaic, but that is what I love about them. I want the girl to win the prince and have her happily ever after. Since it is never going to happen in real life, I can at least dream about it and there are plenty of books to read like the Entangled Crush Backstage Pass series of books.

We all need our fantasies and to believe that dreams can come true, that life can be a fairytale. There's no harm in dreaming as long as it doesn't become an obsession. So, you go ahead girls. Scream your bloody heads off and I sincerely hope that they might look your way or you might get to touch one of them. No matter how unrealistic it might be, a life without hope and dreams is a pretty dead life if you ask me. For me? I'm just going to go read quietly in the corner with my earplugs in.

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