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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - The Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy hit.
A tree fell on my house.
Day three, no power.
We may not have power for another week.
Blogging from my phone.
More to come.


  1. Is everyone okay? My prayers are with you x

  2. We are all fine. Thanks for the concern! Apparently the tree didn't fall so much as it made a slow glide towards my house and very gracefully just alighted without so much as scratching the shakes. Still, there is a tree leaning on my house that I will now need to dispose of.
    The electricity is more problematic and the lines at gas stations has not been seen since the 70's. Cars can't pull up to the pumps. People are standing in line to fill gas cans! It's insane!
    Since I have no electricity, I have had to survive on Mounds bars and Dark Milky Way bars. Halloween was cancelled. But don' worry. We'll survive. There's plenty more chocolate. Thanks again for your concern. I'll be back on as soon as I have power.

  3. Sorry to hear you're still without power. At least you have plenty of chocolate! Chocolate makes everything better! Stay safe, and keep an eye out for the zombie hordes....

  4. Lines for gas are hours long and really mucking up traffic. Police have crowd control duty on the gas lines. Super markets have no fresh food. Cam told me a guy got shot in Elizabeth last night over gas. Oh yeah. It's devastating alright. You're lucky you got out when you did.