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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Beyond Thunderdome (Thanks Terri for the suggestion)

Day 6...
I'm out of snack sized Mounds bars.
Gas is now being rationed.
The Governor has instituted Odd/Even days for gas.
I think I'm even so it's my day to get gas.
It is making the gas lines slightly shorter.
We still have no power.
I am on an island floating in a sea of darkness while all around me is bathed in light.
Egg, my cat clings to me like an old favorite sweatshirt that has become too tight.
His ears are cold and he wants to make a tent under the blanket.
I finished a book this week.
Picked up The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa at the local book store.
This past week's comics haven't come in yet being held captive in some hub.
Likewise no packages have come.
I'm afraid to open the fridge for fear of what smells will come out.
Garbage Day is Monday.
Dunkin Donuts is still closed.
Oh Pumpkin Muffin, how I miss you.


  1. Dunkin Donuts is closed? You're out of Mounds? My gawd woman, the horror! The horror!

    But on the bright side, maybe you'll finally have time to read The Lost Prince. :)

  2. I would read The Lost Prince, but I am in the middle of The Tme Between Us that we picked up at BEA. So far it is pretty good.