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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book Expo America 2013 - Day Two - Post 2.4

I decided to go back for the other book. The line wasn’t all that long and they were signing three books. So I got in line and waited. I was on edge because HarperCollins was dropping the ARC of Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman and I was desperate to get a copy so I kept rocking back and forth on my feet. The table was just around the corner, so it wasn’t until I got to the front of the line that I could see and I realized it wasn’t the same book at all. By that time it was too late to bow out of the line gracefully, so I just asked for the three books to be signed.

That having been done, I rushed over to HarperCollins and got in line for the Neil Gaiman galley which I was able to get. I have to say I was feeling a little proprietary because I kept hearing people talking about him throughout the show. And I thought, I’ve been reading him for 20 years, what about you? Do you remember when Sam Goody’s was in all the malls? I recall a time I was in the store and there were these two tween boys and one said to the other something like, “Dude, you have to check this out. It’s awesome.” And it was Led Zepplin, but they were talking about it like it was new music they just discovered and no one else knew about it. Well, other people talking about Neil was like that to me. I am happy that he has become so popular, though.
Well, once I had picked up Fortunately the Milk, I decided to see if the line for Grumpy Cat was any shorter. It wasn’t. They were still being sticklers about standing in the aisle to take a picture, so I got behind a table directly across from her and was able to take her picture between two of her guards. So, since my camera phone is tiny, you can barely see her little, tiny head. But at least I can say I was there.

While I was walking around the Chronicle booth trying to take a picture of the cat on the sly, I actually found where they stashed The Clockwork Scarab and it wasn't at all like the book I saw the day before being signed.  Oh well.  I asked if they had any copies, but everything else on the shelf was for display, but they had one copy left.  So, Score!!!

The last thing on my list was an autographing by Elin Hildebrand. I was going to get the book signed, but they handed out the galley while we were in line and I was just so tired. My shoulders were killing me from the two, well, actually three days so far and I just didn’t feel like waiting around. The signing was again at Hatchette and they seemed to be the place to be. For this signing, they had a bar up and they were serving beer. Now I might have been down with the beer, but they were serving Corona and I just can’t drink that swill. No offense to anyone who likes it. I took one last sweep of the area and decided to cash it in for the day. Loaded up my suitcase and left.

My suitcase was much more manageable. I was actually able to show some restraint. As Thursday was a day to pick up books, Friday was a day that was definitely more focused and I took the opportunity to get some signed books. So, it was a really good day at the event.

Terri, you were right. The second day was better. While I missed some things, it’s okay, because I got some other things I really wanted. I was a bit better organized as I was trying to merge everything onto one spreadsheet and I had a better handle on where everything was and the flow of the show. Had every day been like Thursday, I am sure I would never go back again, but Friday was exhilarating. Everything just clicked into place, especially time wise.

I didn’t hit too much traffic on the way home. My suitcase was manageable and the wheels held up. I remembered which berth I needed to be at for the ferry. Things continued to go pretty smoothly for me. I stopped and got two ice teas, only this time I managed to get them in the house and not spill them. After I had some dinner, I got things together for Saturday. I made lunch, got out some clothes and needed to update my spreadsheet. So for Saturday I had some work to do. I still couldn’t print anything, so I wrote on the back of my autograph spreadsheet what galleys and such I was still looking for. I made sure I had all the book titles next to the author and plotted out a starting point for the next day. Saturday was going to be a big day.

So, here was my plan. I needed to get into the city early so I could get on line. For Neil Gaiman’s lecture on “Why Fiction is Dangerous”, they were handing out 500 signed books. I figured if I wanted to get a signed book, I would need to get there early, especially since it was Power Readers Day. Power Readers are fans and fans are geeks and geeks read Neil Gaiman. I should know.

Jamie McGuire and Melissa de la Cruz were signing at 9:30, but I couldn’t make as I was planning to be on line for Neil. Likewise, I had 10 signings at 10 am and one at 10:30. I was going to miss them all, although four of them were for the Harlequin Teen Hour which I picked up the day before. I was very heavily booked, but com one! I mean, it’s Neil. That was my primary objective.

I can’t really remember what time I fell asleep. I know I was really tired after the prior three days and I had a very fitful night sleep.  When I was sleeping, I was thinking about the expo and Neil’s lecture and what time I should get there.  I was having a full on stress attack in my sleep it seemed due to the anxiety of getting to the show on time.  I really didn't want to miss Neil's lecture out of everything else in the show.  I woke up before the alarm went off. I decided to leave the house at 6am so I could get a good head start. Do you know, there’s not a lot of traffic on the way to NYC at 6am on a Saturday? The drive was uneventful, go to the parking lot, there were only a few cars. Unloaded my suitcase and walked to the ferry terminal. I tried opening the doors and was met with resistance and chains rattling. I looked all over for a schedule to no avail and decided to head back to the car. Loaded the luggage back up and searched for operating hours. I had pulled in at 6:30. The first ferry was at 8am. I had to weigh my options.

Option 1) Head out and cross the bridge over to Manhattan.
Pros: I would get to Jacob Javitts much quicker, get on line and most likely get a signed book.
Cons: By the time I pulled out, got over the bridge, parked somewhere that wasn’t 5 miles for JJC and that I didn’t have to give a kidney for, it would be almost 8am anyway.
Option 2) Wait for the ferry.
Pros: I wouldn’t have to worry about paying the toll, paying for parking or walking 5 miles to get to the JCC.
Cons: I would be pulling into NYC later than expected and might not get a signed book.

What should I do? Dilemmas, dilemmas.


  1. See? You should listen to Aunt Terri, as she knows what she's talking about! Sometimes. Love the stealth picture of Grumpy Cat! Are you going to post all of your BEA books on your Stacking the Shelves post this weekend? I'm dying to know what books you managed to pick up!

    1. I'm going to try. I'm still trying to get through the rest of BEA. I should be able to, though. I need to catalogue them so I know what I'm doing with all these stacks of books.

  2. Glad to hear things got better. I love the sound of signed books.

    1. It was insane. I way over-scheduled. But I do love autographed books, especially if it is one of my favorite authors. I really can't wait to sort them all out and see what I picked up.