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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ever, Jane - MMOR game based on the works of Jane Austen

The Jane Austen Book Club is so last year.  What could be better than a Jane Austen themed retreat in Merry Old England?  A Jane Austen themed retreat from the comfort of your sofa.

That's right.  Now you can immerse yourself in the world of Jane Austen.  Play online against other players.  Your chief weapon is surprise, fear and surprise; two chief weapons, fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency! Er, among your chief weapons are: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, and near fanatical devotion to the Pope! Um, I'll start again in again...”. (Graham Chapman, Monty Python)

Your objective is to demolish your enemy.  Your weapon is gossip.  You strengthen your position by bolstering your reputation.

Taken from

Jane Austen: The Massive Online RPG Game

Yes, an Austen-themed video game. “In the virtual world of Jane Austen, it is not about kill or be killed, but invite and be invited with gossip our weapon of choice.”

“Try to win the sympathy of Lizzie Bennet by telling lies about your rival,” urges Ever, Jane’s Kickstarter page. As you can probably guess, this Jane Austen-themed video game is not about smashing monsters with magic and swords, but about demolishing your enemies with gossip and bolstering your reputation by dancing with the elite.

What we know about the game:


This dude thinks your bodice is rubbish and your sister is a slattern who eats boiled cabbages.


It’s set either in Regency England or your worst middle school nightmare. You can spread lies about your enemies, but they can also do detective work to trace the rumors back to you and destroy your reputation.


Think of it as interactive online Austen fan-fiction rather than a linear retelling of “Sense and Sensibility.” You can choose your character’s traits — if you want to be like Marianne Dashwood, for example, you can prize happiness over duty. But duty-bound characters like Mr. Knightly will find you offensive.


Send dinner invitations to the social elite with caution: if they reject your invitation, your reputation suffers. If they accept grudgingly, you best not step on their shoes in the ballroom dance. If they accept happily, you can DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES.


Mini-games include: dancing, piano, fishing, sewing, card games, and weeping under the willows as your beloved accepts some baseborn rapscallion’s hand in marriage.


You can download and play an early version of the game and help the developers expand this MMORPG Austen universe by funding their Kickstarter.

Information on the Kickstarter program can be found at kickstarter projects/ever-jane.

Thanks to hubby for finding the article!


  1. Sounds fascinating, but I fear I would be socially destroyed rather quickly! :(

    1. The biggest problem I have with it is that there are currently only 6 characters in development. If they get this project off the ground, pretty much anyone playing will have the same characters. Can you imagine a game with like 50 Elizabeth Bennetts? Now if it was 50 Darcy's, well then...