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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Desperately Seeking Advice - You can blog for inspiration

Newbie book blogger seeks advice from more experienced book blogger on getting started running contests.

That's right. We're living in a material world and I am desperately seeking advice. I have a ton of books to rid myself of, both old and new, and I wanted to start having contests, but I am really unsure how to get started. I am hoping someone out there can give me pointers or share how they began.

I figured it would probably be easier jumping on a giveaway hop, but am a bit overwhelmed on how to get started. It's like I have an iPhone. Yeah, I got it last summer. I still haven't set up my voice mail. Every time I attempt it, I get stuck at the recording a message part. Who's got the time?
So if any of you kind souls would take pity on a helpless wretch such as myself, send me some inspiration and I'll be bouncing for joy.


  1. If you post it, they will come....

    Sorry, couldn't resist! :) But seriously, bloggers love contests and with all of the awesome books you have, I'm sure they'll love whatever you offer as a prize. Tweet about it using #contest and/or #giveaway and you'll be amazed at the entries you get! Post it on a contest page or two. Join a giveaway hop. Tweet about it again.

    Good luck!

  2. Yup. It's as Alexia561 said. :) See how other bloggers usually write their giveaway posts so you can have an idea of how to write your own. If you'll use rafflecopter, best comment, if it'll be intl or just open to US entries... and tweet/share a lot.

  3. Oh, and I'm a new gfc follower. :)

  4. Well, I think you just have to be yourself :O and you got a new reader ^^

  5. It's still a little intimidating to me, but once I get one contest under my belt, I'll be okay with it. It's just the nervousness of trying something new. All I can do is to keep working at it.
    Thanks for stopping by and following!
    Happy Reading!