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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stacking the Shelves - Buried Alive

Well, as I said last week, I've been cleaning out the storage facility and thought I had about 30 boxes of books stashed away. I may have overexagerated. There weren't 30. It was more like 25. And in all fairness, all the boxes were not mine. There were 6 boxes of my husbands books, so I feel much better about it.

I am being buried under a mountain of books!!! Now, some of them had been read, but when I moved three moves ago, there just wasn't going to be room on the book shelves, so anything we had already read was boxed up and stored in the basement until the landlord said all the boxes in the basement were a fire hazard and we had to get them out of there. Thus began the saga of the storage facility, which was only supposed to be for a few months at the most, but turned into 7 years.

There are quite a few books from those boxes that are part of my collection I'm keeping; like Terry Brooks, Raymond Feist. There were probably about 20 books autographed to me from the ABA in New York more than 10 years ago and I have to wonder why I got some of them at all. I guess I was just star struck. A free book? And autographed? Where do I get in line? Ah, if only I had a time machine and could go back and tell my past self the cost involved in storing books I'm never going to read.

Anyway, I have gone through all the boxes so far and have my to get rid of pile, my to keep pile, my autographed pile, my Tolkien Histories (I collected all of them except for the last one. What's up with that?), children's books for my niece and nephews as they get a little older, my maybe pile and my give away pile. Yes, that's right. I am going to brave the waters of book blog contests. More on that hopefully later this week.

But onto this week's post.

Stacking The Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews.

So, the only thing I got in the mail is a jigsaw puzzle with an illustration by Kinuko Y. Craft. She does the cover illustrations for Patricia McKillip's books.
I also finally bought a turn table for my record collection. But this is not just any turn table. It converts vinyl to mp3 and will import directly into my iTunes library. I have 6 milk crates full of old vinyl albums. Some of you might remember. But there are some things I have on vinyl that were never released on CDs or as digital downloads. Try as I might, I have not been able to find some; like B-Sides from my 45s of Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Squeeze and some others. Some embarassing things like Helen Reddy, Ray Parker Jr (Don't Ask and it's not Ghost Busters), Willie Nelson, Def Leppard, need I continue? So I have had some fun converting some stuff so I can listen to it on my iPod. Fun, fun, fun. Worth the investment.

That is it, though. My husband got two boxes last week and I am expecting a shipment of Viz manga this week and three t-shirts from Tee Fury which is an awesome website. There is a new t-shirt of the day, but it is only available for that day. All t-shirts cost $10.00 plus s&h. Check it out!

So without further ado, here are the pictures I have of my books from storage so far. More to come next week.

Happy Reading!


  1. Woooow, you have a lot of books! *drools*
    :)) Thanks for stopping by and following!
    Followed you back.

    1. You might be drooling over the number of books, but believe me, I do not need a copy of Who Moved My Cheese, 7 Habits of Effective Leaders or CHicken Soup for the Soul, plus quite a few other management books I have no idea why I have them.
      It's a little overwhelming trying to figure out how I am going to deal with the mounds of books.
      I think I'm up to the challenge.
      Thanks for stopping by and for following my blog.
      Happy Reading!

  2. I love your puzzle. It looks beautiful. You're stacks of books is also a beautiful site! LOL

    I'm now following you back!

    1. I actually have a whole stack of jigsaw puzzles by this artist. Patricia McKillip writes adult fantasy that is bordering on the realm of myth. I kind of liken her to a femal version of Neil Gaiman or Charles DeLint.
      The cover art is beautiful, so I collect the puzzles.
      Not that I've had time to work on any of them lately, but I keep hoping.
      Thanks for popping in and dropping a line! And thanks for following!

  3. Oh wow, that's a HUGE pile of books! Definitely an epic stacking the shelves! Hope you enjoy them all! Thanks for the follow, Tammy! :)

    1. The sad thing is that I do not intend to keep them all. First off, I would not have room. Once I get the sta cks cleaned up, I'm going to take some pictures of my book shelves. I already have 8 book shelves of my own, a stack of books on my night stand and in my night stand and a huge pile next to my dresser. I'm not even going to mention the attic. Or the books already boxed up to go in the basement. I'll never read them all. Who would have thought?
      Anyway, it is great to meet new friends and I'm really happy you stopped by. I look forward to following your blog and am thrilled you chose to follow as well.
      Happy Reading!

  4. Replies
    1. I'll tell you, I had books. When I got out of college, I used to go to a local used book store down in Long Branch. It's not here any more, but I found a lot of really cheap books. I had quite an extensive wish list and would check out every used book store I came across. I had pretty gotten what out of prints I could get and my collection was pretty big as it was. Then I got a job working at a book store. I worked there for 11 years. Employee discount plus advnaced reading copies to promote the books = one heck of a lot of books.
      So, now I look forward to trying to organize some of them into little give away piles.
      So, if you're interested, stop back and check it out. I should have something posted in the next week or two. Just as soon as I get to the bottom of these stacks and figure out where everything is going.
      Thaks for checking out my blog and choosing to follow!
      I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say about I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone. Love the title!

  5. Gorgeous puzzle! Really, really hope those stacks don't fall over and bury you....though if you think about it, what a way to go!

    And you know what? You could build furniture with all of your books! Wouldn't a bookchair be kinda cool? Sorry. It's late and I'm tired and am still digesting the season opener of Grimm. Later!

    1. You know, it was actually the stacks of toy boxes that fell over. The book stacks were good. Although they were starting to get wobbly. That is why there are three pictures and the stacks are only about 3 feet high.

      I hope you enjoyed Grimm. I tried. I just couldn't get into it. Maybe if it comes to Netflix I'lll start from the beginning. I was a bigger fan of ONce Upon a Time. Although, I didn't get to see all the episodes, just eough to know I'd like to start from the beginning.

  6. Oh my Godness!!!!
    That's a lot of books!!! I can even think when I can have something like that... lol, I think you have even more than my local book store.
    Yay!!! for you!!
    Happy reading!

  7. I think I could open a book store. It's sad though. My friend Terri voer at Alexia's Books and Such has told me I could buy a house with all the money I've spent on books and comics and toys and DVD and...well, the list just goes on and on.