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Monday, September 22, 2014

It's Just Another Manga Monday: Library Wars Vols 9 - 12 by Kiiro Yumi

This is one title I have been keeping up on, but I have not been reviewing.  In an effort to clean up the piles of books to review on my desk, I have had to take some short cuts.

As a result, here's what's been happening with our favorite library task force team since Vol 9.

 When we last left off, Iku was preparing to go undercover to try to capture a pervert in the library. In order to tempt him, though, she needs to dress a bit risqué and Dojo isn’t at all happy about it.

Iku is still stressing since she found out who her prince is. She’s decided she has to grow out of her prince.

Iku has now been on the task force for almost two years and a Promotion Evaluation Exam is coming up for all the rookies, so she, Shibazaki and Tezuka will be tested.  Part of the test is reading to children.  Tezuka is freaking out, so he asks Shibazaki to help him.  Instructor Dojo is going to tutor Iku since she is more in danger of failing the written test, which Tezuka should ace.

Then the squad head’s off to Iku’s home town to protect an art exhibit. Iku’s team must train the local troops, but there is resentment from the local side. Iku’s mother finally finds out exactly what she’s doing since she never told them the truth and her mother does not approve, but there is a lovely moment when Iku takes Dojo to see the cherry blossoms. Dojo requests Iku take him for some chamomile tea when they get back to Tokyo.

Iku has trouble picking out something to wear to tea. She is trying hard not to think of it as a date, but Dojo seems to have other ideas.  He suggests after tea that they go see a movie, but before they can, they get a call to head back to HQ.  A favored author of Dojos’ is being hidden away at HQ.  His writing is being called dangerous.  It’s an author hunt and Iku’s team have to protect the author.  HQ is being watched, but the team needs supplies to disguise Kurato Toma, so Iku and Dojo have to go to the store to buy supplies acting like a couple.  So they are holding hands and acting like they are in love.

Tezuka and Shibazaki seem to be getting much closer. And Shibazaki has a deal to make with Tezuka’s brother and the Future of the Library.

Volume 13 is due out 04/07/15.

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