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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

BEA bound.....

I am finally going to be able to attend the BEA!!! Yay!!!!!! As much as I love books, I have not been around them in quantity (unless you count my book shelves - of which there are about 17 in the house if I have counted correctly - and the boxes up stairs in the attic of books that won't fit on the shelves in the house and the manga I am in the process of reading or am keeping or the 20 boxes or so of books to get rid of in the basement.  Oh did I forget to mention the storage facility?) in many a year. I worked book store retail for a total of 11 years as I have said before and the last time I attended a book affair of this magnitude was the ABA (American Booksellers Association) in NYC probably at least 15 years ago. My friend at Alexia's Books and Such has been telling me about it for the past two years. Sadly, I am getting in on Thursday only as a Power Reader. Since I am a newbie at blogging and have only been up with my blog since February I am lacking the stats to get in to the Bloggers Convention. Next year.

Anyway, I am working on my strategy for the day, so if there is anything or anyone that is a must see and not to be missed, give me a shout out and I will make sure to check it out.

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  1. Comfortable shoes! A suitcase for all the manga catalogs you'll pick up. Snacks. And did I mention comfortable shoes? So excited you're finally able to go! *bounces up & down with happiness*