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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I was a BEA zombie...The Sequel???

So, here are some final thoughts on my experience overall.

• It was awesome! Although, I want to go for the entire show next year. I already have the dates so I can request the time off. I was so jealous when I saw some of the authors in attendance on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had Terri looking out for things for me, but she had her own stuff to get. She did get some of my requests and I am eternally grateful.
• Comfortable shows were definitely a key. I was wearing a pair of sketchers sandals and I had no problems with my feet. I walked all over the hilly, cobblestoned streets of Toledo, Spain for two days in these shoes, so I knew they’d be good for the show.
• A large tote bag is a must. I know have my huge red tote bag, so I will just use it again next year, but if the tote is not adequately sized, it will mean either more drop offs to your checked luggage or carrying around multiple tote bags.
• Make sure to bring a large suitcase. It’s better to be safe and have extra room than be sorry. I was glad I brought it. It was only half full, but weighed a ton. I wouldn’t have wanted to carry all that weight on my shoulders.
• Check the luggage was one of the best investments of my $3.00 I have ever made (unless you count the $.99 investment to load the Ninja Fruit app to my phone). That way, I could dump off stuff and give my poor aching shoulders a rest. It wasn’t too far to get to either and we were back in action faster than you could say “My hovercraft is full of eels”.
• Make sure if you have long hair to either bind it up or bring rubber bands or clips to put it up. My hair was down and I only had one small octopus clip. At first, my hair kept getting stuck under the tote bag strap, but then it kept falling in my face and sticking to me if I looked down because I was sweating a lot. I did manage to get my hair up off my neck, but it wasn’t very secure.
• Next year I need business cards. Everyone asked for business cards. I have a lot to say, sometimes you can’t shut me up, but I would be happy if other people heard what I have to say. Business cards make a more lasting impression. You might forget the name, but you remember when you look at the card when you get home.
• Planning is essential. There are lots of events, autographings, promotions, giveaways. It is important to know when and where. Doing the research and planning it all out ahead of time will just make the experience that much easier and less likely that you will miss something you really wanted to see or get. For instance, if I had realized Tiger’s Destiny was at the Sterling booth, I could have asked Terri to go to that booth specifically to see if she could get her hands on it.
• If you’re not interested, don’t make eye contact or you will end up will a bunch of stuff you didn’t want to bring home.
• I think the most important thing to remember, though, is to just have fun. Take in the wonder of it all and enjoy!


  1. My hovercraft is full of eels???

    All great points! Am going to get new business cards if I go next year, as mine look dull next to some of the cards I collected. And the don't make eye contact advice is very, very important! *snicker*

  2. You're evil. You know that?

  3. I'm still jealous you got to go. I'm definitely planning on going next year. And thanks for all the great advice! Will definitely be helpful.
    I tagged you in the Liebster Blog Award. Check here for details: