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Monday, June 11, 2012

I was a BEA Zombie...This time it's personal

So… my thoughts on being a Power Reader…

• Non-industry people were allowed in for the first time. A really big deal was made of it. It seemed like there were going to be special promotions just for Power Readers, but there was no agenda specific to Power Reader promotions or giveaways.
• I only found one booth that had a special promotion for Power Readers and that was DK books. They had a special tote bag and pamphlets inside. So kudos to them!!!
• I checked the schedule of events last Sunday and realized that most of the really cool events and authors I wanted to meet were on Tuesday and Wednesday. There’s tons of cool stuff to see, but we’re not going to let you see any of it.
• Also checking the schedule, there was less than half the events scheduled for Thursday then there was for either of the previous days. So there wasn’t even as much of a selection of events to choose from to attend.
• There was the business of the convention shutting down two hours earlier than was advertised. What’s up with that?
• Some major publishers, like Harlequin, had no signings or events scheduled on Thursday at all even though it was the only day the Power Readers would be allowed to attend. These are fans. These are people that read your books. These are people that will read a book and talk about it and spread the word, but you’re not giving them anything to talk about.
• The Power Readers were all wearing blazing lime green lanyards, so we were easy to pick out of the crowd. We were tagged. I felt like the unwanted stepchild because I was wearing green.

I must so all in all that it was a fantastic opportunity. In order to get into the Bloggers Convention, you need to have the stats and you need to be accepted. Since I am new at blogging, there was no way, I am sure, they would have accepted my registration. This is the only way I could go. I just think they can do better promoting the program. Make sure there are good things to see and do on Thursday. Perhaps publishers could hold some of their galley giveaways for Thursday like Penguin, Scholastic and Random House did. Have more special promotions and giveaways just for Power Readers. Have more autographings and some bigger names on Thursday.


  1. Now that you've gotten your feet wet, you'll be ready to conquer BEA in 2013!