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Monday, February 25, 2013

Its Just Another Manga Monday: Rin-ne Vol 10 by Rumiko Takahashi

Well, well, well.  It has been quite a while since I have been able to post a manga review.  Then again, it had been awhile since I had read any manga.  I am trying to change that, though.  And now that I have no overtime at work for the time being, I should have more time to both read and write.

Alison Can Read started a weekly Manga Monday meme which I have jumped on. I've been reviewing manga from the start, but it is nice to have a place were like minded Otaku can meet and share our favorites.

Book Description:
Release date: November 13, 2012 | Series: Rin-Ne (Book 10)
The latest series from one of Japan’ s greatest man
Ever since a strange encounter when she was a child, Sakura Mamiya has had the power to see ghosts. Now in high school, she just wishes the ghosts would leave her alone! When her mysterious classmate Rinne Rokudo shows up, Sakura finds herself following him into the amazing world between life and death!

The Shinigami Ageha caught more than she bargained for when she tried to set a trap for her troublesome Black Cat by Contract, Oboro. Now Rinne has to try and capture a giant mongoose spirit and settle Ageha and Oboro’s contract dispute!

My Review:
Well, we seem to be off the continuity trail again.  This volume is full of chapters that don't really advance the plot at all, but they are still amusing stories.

In this volume, Ageha has returned the contract to her black cat, Oboro, releasing him from servitude, but he believes it is a trick.  If he abandons his post, he'll be fined.  He pursues Ageha, but she has been swallowed by a giant mongoose spirit.  Rin-ne attempts to save her, but she has laid a trap for him as well, setting up a dimensional paradise so the two of them can be all alone.

In the second story, Rin-ne and Skaura try to assist a ghost that haunts a bus because his stop is no longer on the route.

In the third story, a ghost haunts the girls Judo club by taking pictures of the girls.

Next we have the case of the missing dues.  Rin-ne sends Rokumon, his black cat, to the Shinigami headquarters to pay his monthly dues which entitles him to discounts on Shinigami weapons and supplies.  The dues are only 500 yen, but when the dues end up missing, Rin-ne will stop at nothing to find out what happened to the money.

We have a haunting on the tennis court, Ageha trying to get rid of an expired Wandering Ghost House and finally the ghost of an office worker ready for an office party.

It's a strange assortment of stories, but always amusing.
Volume 11 is due out March 12.

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