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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Swoon Thursday

Well, I'm tired, my team lost their hockey game and I have to get to bed soon as I have to work tomorrow.  I have no energy, but I have just about enough to give you my swoon of the week which I actually just found not too long ago.

Swoon Thursday? you say?  Tell me how it works.

Well, it's simple. You take a book you're currently reading and share what made your toes curl and your heart race!!!
Swoon Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by
Today's selection is from Deity by Jennifer L. Armentrout.  Man, I really need to get some new material, but her books are lousy with swoons.  I had meant to read something else after Pure and I did.  I just finished reading Odd and the Frost Giant by Neil Gaiman, but it is so not a swoony kind of book.  So, I decided to go back to the Covenant series as I can't seem to put them down.  And let me tell you, there are already revelations made and I'm not that far into the book.  Oh my!
But, as I digress as usual, back to the action...

"It's okay to be afraid, Alex."
I threw my head back then, wanting to be far away from him as much as I wanted to be right where I was.
"But you have nothing to fear."  He guided my chin down with gentle fingers.  "When will you learn?"  His voice was heavy, gruff.  "You're the only person who has control over who you become.  You're too strong to ever lose yourself.  I believe that.  Why can't you?"
My breath came out shaky.  His faith in me was nearly my undoing.  The swelling in my chest would've lifted me off the mats.  Several moments passed before I could speak.  "What are you afraid of?" I asked again.
"I thought you said I was afraid of nothing once," he threw back.
"I did."
Aiden shifted slightly and his thumb caressed the curve of my cheek.  "I'm afraid of something."
"What?" I whispered.
He drew in a deep, shuddering breath.  "I'm afraid of never being allowed to feel what I do."
Huh.  Well, until next time...


  1. So glad we got to find out just what Aiden was afraid of. It would have been so cruel of you not to let us know.

    Here's hoping next week finds you feeling fully recovered.

    1. I may be twisted, but I'm not cruel. I couldn't leave you hanging like that. I'm not sure what's going to happen next, but I'm riveted.

  2. LOVE Aiden! Great pick.


    1. I am definitely all about Aiden. Seth gets on my nerves. This is just such a frustrating series, though. It looks like I'll finish this and Elixir just in time for Apollyon to come out. Can't wait!