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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Staycation Musings

Well this week so far has turned out exactly as I expected, but then again, nothing like I expected. I have had errands, chores and projects, not that I've gotten everything done. The house is actually a mess. While I am donning my rags to play the little cinder girl again (when am I not?), I have actually been finding time to do some book stuff.

I have a new project. I've lost count now, but let’s just call this one project #253. I downloaded an app on my iPad called Book Crawler. It is a free app and it is a book cataloger. What fun! A new toy! So about three weeks ago I started scanning the books in my bedroom. There are stacks all over the place, though, and I had to move everything from one side of the room to the other as I scanned them. The end result was more stacks of books, but these stacks were all over the place and disorganized. And they stayed that way.

On Sunday, I decided I had to re-organize the books. Silly me thinking I could get it done in a couple hours. It took all day. After all, there are decision to be made. Which books go close to the side of the bed? Which books get stacked under the window? The window stacks are three deep. What books are in the front-most stacks? What books should be closest to the top? See? Decisions. And it is tough, let me tell you. I kept picking up books telling myself, “Oh! I really want to read this!” Dilemmas, dilemmas.

I have scanned 616 books already and I’m still not done with the bedroom. I have a ton of manga and quite a number of mass market paperbacks I still need to scan. From there, I will scan the books in my niece’s room, then the downstairs library. When I get the rooms done, I’ll try to start on the books in the attic.

Now you might ask what my intentions are with regard to this inventory system. Mainly, I am tired of buying books I already own. Just found another example. I got a copy of All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill at BEA in 2013. However, the publisher changed the cover that was on the ARC and I didn't realize I owned it, so I bought a copy of the book. I just found the ARC while scanning the books in the bedroom. I need a way to keep track. It’s going to be a long, ongoing process until everything is scanned, but at least I will have a log of all the books I own.

More from the staycation front later.

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