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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

To Buy or Not to Buy: The Kiss Off by Sarah Billington

The Kiss Off by Sarah Billington

Book Description (From Amazon):
Publication Date: May 11, 2012
WARNING: Sexual references, occasional course language.

The Kiss Off is the first book in a trilogy, but is designed to be enjoyed as a stand alone novel.

When sixteen year old Poppy Douglas writes a song about her ex-boyfriend Cam and ex-friend Nikki, she has no idea that her heartbreak is about to go global.

A local band picks up her song from Youtube and soon she’s along for the ride with her own fan-base as they blow up on the local club scene and hit the international charts. Though it turns out leaving Cam behind isn’t as easy as she had hoped.

Tangled in a web of unfinished homework, ill-considered sexting and a new lead-singer boyfriend, Poppy has a choice to make between the ex that inspired it all and the rock God whose poster lines the inside of half the lockers at school. But as she struggles to keep her emotional dirty laundry private, she learns that the truth can be hard to find when your life is in the headlines.

My First Impression:
Poppy is the spurned, guitar-toting ex-girlfriend and Cam, her ex, has the nerve to show up at the same party with his new girlfriend. What does she do? Write a song about it.

I saw something like this once. It was Lilly Taylor in Say Anything except all her songs were about Bill and how he cheats and he lies. Only in this instance, Poppy records the song on video and posts it to YouTube. And it goes viral.

It has potential, but it just didn't grab me enough. I didn't think the characters were entirely believable to me. I mean, Cam is trying to maintain a friendship with Poppy after he broke her heart. How could he not realize she wouldn't want to be friends? Most ex-couples don’t remain friends, not that it never happens. Although she is writing songs spitting vitriol at her ex, she does seems to get over it fairly quickly, or at least accept it fairly quickly. The lyrics to her song? Not so much. About as good as the songs I used to write.

Not to buy, although the price is right, $2.99 in eBook, but I think I’ll pass on this one.

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